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.....the reality, however, is found in Christ. 

Colossians 2:17

One of my favorite books is the Velveteen Rabbit. I've read it numerous times, and read it to my children. I've related to the rabbit's question, "Am I real?" I use to ask myself that question all the time, and I truly wondered if the very essence of myself was real.  Then, I came upon this line in the Bible, "the reality, however, is found in Christ."  It was with that one statement that I began the quest to know Christ, believing that if I could know Him, I would know me.  My persistant question of being real would be answered.

Last night, my daughter and I were listening to music, and one of the songs was titled "Im just trying to be real." The song was heartfelt and emotional, but didn't mention the connection with Jesus.  It did, however, bring me to a place of review.  The artists singing this song were dealing with an onslaught of feelings and memories and through that they were trying to be real. I recognized that everyday, as I encounter Jesus, being real has become my reality too.  As I embrace the reality of Who He is, I embrace the reality of who I am.  Just like the rabbit, as he embraced himself, the worn ragged self, and surrendered to that reality, he became real.

I am broken and imperfect, yet so whole through the reality of who Jesus is. 

Is your reality embracing the person of Jesus?  Are you deeping the essence of who you are through the reality of who He is?  

Do you have a deepening reality in your heart, mind, and soul today that lines up with the reality of Christ?

Reality is Christ!

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